Eight Ball Deluxe Plastics

$159.00 USD

24-piece extended set, laser cut PETG. Includes doubled slings, clears, a custom key fob, and a custom 3D desktop display assembly which could also be used as a small topper (see gallery pix).  NOTE:  Text on the desktop assembly has been updated to “Quit Talking and Start Chalking” since gallery pix have been taken.  Vivid colors and brand new, perfect replacement for scratched, yellowed, broken, or incomplete EBD plastics sets. Protective coatings unpeeled. We’ll update the gallery pictures as soon as we get a chance.

NEW Changes as of Nov 2018

1.  Added the Longer Clear Lane Guides
2.  Corrected the Text on the Display
3.  Much More Details in the Artwork – Our old set used the artwork from the Midway version so we went back and redid these using  more detailed Original 8BallDlx artwork.
4.  More Accurate Colors

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