Joust (SuperSet)

$229.00 USD$299.00 USD

Williams  JOUST SuperSet

Extended SuperSet produced on Laser cut PETG.  Each set will include the following:

– (2) aprons (P1 and P2 side) with the instructions and pricing information pre-printed in the authentic ‘Joust’ font (no more messy decals to age, yellow, rip & tear or fall off)
– (2) end-cabinet marquees
– (1) coin door player-select piece
– (2) P1 left slings
– (2) P1 right slings
– (2) P1 cross overs
– (2) P2 left slings
– (2) P2 right slings
– (2) P2 cross overs
– (10) Joust-themed key fobs

The rounded 110° bend in the apron pieces is identical to the original plastics using the same heat bending process that Williams did back in 1982/3, resulting in a beautiful & authentic smooth radius.  Vivid colors and brand new, perfect replacements for your old scratched, yellowed, broken, or incomplete Joust plastics sets. Protective coatings unpeeled.


This set has a standard price of $299 … however, exclusively for CPR JOUST PLAYFIELD customers (we have you all on file), you are welcomed to select the Discounted Bundle Price of $229.  This will re-create our traditional CPR “matching-plastics-bundle” discount we have offered on all our playfields for years.   Since it took us well over a year to get these plastics out, long after all the playfields had shipped, we’re doing it this way.  This bundle-discounted price will be available for only 60 days.   Please, no abuse of this price selector – ON YOUR HONOR when selecting the correct price for your Cart.  Thank you.