KISS Backglass

$269.00 USD

New for 2020 !  Brand new (US Improved) master artwork layout, all layers rebuilt from scratch, thus vastly improved over every past attempt at the KISS backglass that has come and gone throughout the years.  Genuine tempered glass (not a translite).  Produced on original-style heavy 3/16″ stock.  Genuine silkscreened mirroring, combined with a flawless multi-layer digital print.

3 Enhancements1) The KISS logo dot patterns are now uniform.  2) The line that Paul is standing on has been completed, so it actually looks like he’s standing on the bottom of the glass. Original was messy with very poor film crops there. 3) The lightblock layer on the backside has been updated to improve the lighting thru the KISS logo dots. If you want, now you can blow up that logo with the brightest LEDs you can find !

“AMERICAN VERSION” – meaning “ZZ” style logo, rather than rounded “SS” style logo.

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