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Customer: Stu Wright ( CPR Art Director )
Custom Artwork By:

This gallery showcases a Bally Wizard! Re-Theme into a Custom Bettie Page “Cheesecake” machine.  Stu wanted to honor the American Icon Bettie Page, however, he did not want to ever put her name on it, instead letting the Images speak for themselves.  He did create a new original BP Logo specifically for this project.  Bettie’s carer was 2 fold, her Glamour photography in Miami with Bunny Yeager, and her underground S&M photography with Irving Klaw.  Stu wanted to cover her carer on both of these fronts from her modeling years of 1953-1957.  Black & White was a perfect choice for the color pallet and the use of an EM machine just made sense to give this re-theme the perfect fit.  This is an actual pinball machine that was converted using CPR products.  This gallery Photo Documents the process of the Re-Theme in great detail.  You will see what can be achieved if you put in the effort to bring your vision to life with CPR’s help.  There is a lot of pictures here to see and get some great ideas from for your own personal project.  The game was completely built by Stu, our Art Director, as well as Stu did all the Graphics himself.  Check it out, you really won’t be disappointed.

So much attention to detail in this new game.  Pre-Planning everything is crucial for a Re-Theme project of this caliber.  Be patient when developing your new game, and don’t leave anything out.  Take your time and do it right.  When in doubt about something don’t be shy about asking questions, we are here to help you bring your ideas to life!



Harley Davidson to Sons of Anarchy
Before & After

Dolly Parton to Flash vs Arrow
Before & After

Since every Custom Project is different, we have set up some parameters that you will need to follow in order for us to guarantee that you receive back products that meet or exceed your expectations.

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