Addams Family B&W Custom Mirrored Backglass

$269.00 USD

*** CPR Translite-To-Mirrored-Backglass product ***

Since the original TV series was shot in the 60s in black and white, we decided to make a backglass version that pays homage to the original show!

Genuine tempered glass (art converted from the translite) and CUSTOM MIRRORED.  This is NOT a translite.  This is a mirrored backglass.  Let’s face it, mirrored backglasses were expensive for the factories back in the day.  Translites were a very cheap alternative and valuable cost cutting measure when the pinball industry was making cuts.

Now you can have a real mirrored backglass, that we feel machines of this value deserve. On this exclusive CPR translite conversion, our Art Director has gone back into this art package and tastefully added custom mirroring to give your game that little extra special look of pinball glitz.

NOTE:  ‘Cousin It’ in the top left mansion window is shown in blue, to illustrate that he WILL be there in lightblock format.  There will NOT be a blue ‘Cousin It’ in the actual artwork print on your backglass.

MIRRORING VIDEO – Hover mouse over thumbnail photo, and click Play button.

Please see the photo gallery for identification of mirrored areas.